About Ravi Raja

is a B. Sc. Mathematics (Honours) Graduate from St. Xavier’s College and been into the teaching profession since 2003, thus having a teaching experience of more than 11 years. He has taught Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical and Analytical Reasoning to students preparing for various competitive examinations.

Teaching Career 13 years of experience.

He has taught Mathematics to students of Class IX, X, XI, XII of all boards, students of CA(CPT), B. Com., B. Sc., B.B.A. and also to those pursuing Engineering as their career. He has also been teaching Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning to students preparing for CLAT, M.C.A., B.B.A., M.B.A. Entrance Examinations and also to students preparing for different Campus Recruitment Tests (E – Litmus, AMCAT, Infosys, Accenture, TCS, CTS, Wipro, etc.).


We provide Classes for CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, IIFT, SNAP, NMAT, IBSAT, MHCET, MICAT, and all other M.B.A. Entrance Exams. We also provide classes for GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, Bank Exams, M.C.A., B.B.A., B. Com., CLAT, CA (CPT), B.C.A., Campus Recruitment Tests (E – Litmus/AMCAT), etc.


GUARANTEED Admission in one of the Top 20 B-Schools under one of these exams or else COMPLETE fees will be REFUNDED. We also help students to get scholarships of upto Rs. 1 lakh or more in their B-School fees.

Online Tests

We provide every student with a Personal Login ID and Password to access their own account of Online Materials (Theory + Tests) Username and Password will be provided to each student to use the application of "Ravi Raja's Classes" on Google Store to gain all time access to all Theory and Tests uploaded online.

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Aastha Chamaria XIMB 2015 – 2017

"My experience at Ravi Sir's classes has been really great. The way he teaches is very methodical and systematic, going at the pace of the students. Also, he is a really patient teacher who gives genuine career advice to his students. The effort he puts in all of his classes is really appreciative and very few teachers do that. I'm glad that I made the right choice by joining his classes for CAT/XAT."

Priyanka Jain IBS 2012 – 2014

"Ravi Sir, its been more than a year since I have taken classes from you and left for further studies but the matter of fact is even now we have good memories of your teachings. The best part about you Sir was that you not only emphasized on studies but you understood that every student was different and every student had their own strength and weakness and groomed us according to our strengths. We were given as much time as we wanted without a second thought. You were not just a teacher but also a friend throughout the teaching journey. Thanks a lot sir for everything and keeping in touch."

Gaurav Poddar XLRI 2011 – 2013

"My experience at Ravi Sir's classes has been really great. The way he teaches is very methodical and systematic, going at the pace of the students. Also, he is a really patient teacher who gives genuine career advice to his students. The effort he puts in all of his classes is really appreciative and very few teachers do that. I'm glad that I made the right choice by joining his classes for CAT/XAT."

Siddhant Goenka IIM A 2011 – 2013

"Ravi Raja Sir adds a personalized touch to the coaching. I wrote CAT thrice – the first two years I registered with two different brand names. However, the third time when I actually made it through with a percentile of 99.90, Ravi Sir was my coach. His exhaustive list of Quant problems gave me the confidence required to ensure a 100 percentile in this section. Basically he taught me approaches to all the different kinds of problems that I could be tested in each topic. The verbal training was sufficient but not as good. In my opinion, one has to be ones own master when honing the verbal aptitude. No amount of coaching can help you if you do not spend enough time reading – books, magazines, news articles and NOT facebook/quora/pagalguy streams. Sir’s tips on what to read and a general discussion on trending topics did help me a lot. Overall I would highly recommend Ravi Sir’s Classes to anyone aspiring to be a B-School entrant – especially over coaching institutes."

Rashi Chandgotia NMIMS 2013 – 2015

"Success in one’s life just doesn’t come by being hard working and passionate about achieving the dream. It comes along with a perfect mentor and for me it was Ravi Raja Sir. Like most I too dreamt of being in the best B-School and preparing from the best institute. I had been a student at another institute with a big brand name (neither mentioning the name nor demeaning the institute for my failure in my first attempt) but the fact that I didn’t get the perfect individual guidance as I needed. So with him Individual guidance, competitive and healthy environment made my journey smooth.  I was blessed for he helped me overcome my fear for the Quantitative Section in these examinations. If Quants or LR or DI is what you want to master this is the perfect place to be in. Sir can make the most twisted problems appear so simple and today cause of him I like Quants. He wouldn’t just make sure you get your concepts and basics right but he would even make sure you practice equally. He also helped me in planning my studies and cleared doubts in my weak areas repetitively. Even at midnight Ravi Sir is just a buzz away. His constant monitoring and analysis of the different tests, specific exam focused approach helped me strategize better one test after the other. In hindsight if I have to start my preparation for CAT again it’s going to be him. I recommend each one of you to give yourself a chance to be with him. If in 3 months I could get results I am sure you too can and this was possible only cause of him. I owe my success to Ravi Raja Sir."

Aditya Daga TAPMI 2012 – 2014

"Ravi Sir is a very dedicated teacher for his students and wants his students to excel in life. He does not look at teaching as a profession but as a passion and puts his heart and soul in it. A very lively teacher and friend and with a great deal of enthusiasm."
"Sir, you are not just a very good teacher but also an amazing mentor. When I was taking guidance for you for the preparation of different entrance exams, you were like a blessing to interact to who always inspired and motivated me and most importantly made me laugh during those tough times. I feel very lucky to have found you when I had no idea how would I ever be able to deal with maths but you made it all so simple for me. You are a very caring teacher who takes his students’ goals as your own goals and help them to achieve it. It is very difficult to find a teacher like you who always stands by and is willing to help students not professionally and emotionally when they are in need of support. I feel really blessed to have met you. Thank You so much Sir for everything."

Juhi Sharma PIBM 2012 – 2014

"My cousin introduced me to Ravi Sir when I was looking for CAT tuitions. I must say it was a good decision of mine to join Ravi Raja’s Classes because Sir does not take teaching as a profession. For him teaching is a passion. The best thing about Sir is that he never teaches by seeing the clock. Rather he always lets the students sit at his tuition center for hours who face problems studying at home (even if it is a national holiday or a weekly holiday). He has always helped students with their queries even if it is late at night. He prepares the students by making them take exams regularly both online and on paper and by discussing the short – cut techniques and strategies to crack the exams."
"Ravi Raja Sir, as the name suggests, is the King of Mathematics. You get all the personal attention you expect without fail. He is available 24  7 for any doubt you have. Extremely helpful and never gets angry no matter how many times you keep asking him to explain a doubt you have. He is the coolest teacher indeed."

Punit Doshi PBS 2011 – 2013

"Working in a well known mnc bpo, I never had the confidence that I ccould ever go beyond that. I gave it a shot after meeting Ravi Sir. He said "bilkul possible hai" !!! I resigned my job in August and with very less time in hand, Ravi Sir made sure that I am well prepared for all the exams I aim for. I secured a decent score in the exams I had appeared for but the real deal was about to begin – GDPI. He guided through every step and like a pro, he took care of my MBA end-to-end. Whatever I am or ought to be, I owe a major share to Ravi Sir."

Abhishek Kapoor CBS 2015 – 2017

"I had a great experience studying under the guidance of Sir Ravi Raja for entrance exams. All the required study materials for the exams were provided and it was in accordance to the various exams and their changing patterns and difficulty levels. The materials are updated every year. One of the best things about Ravi Raja’s Classes is that one to one teaching is provided and personal attention is given to each student and this helps the student to learn properly. Doubts are cleared one a one to one basis. These facilities are generally not found in institutes with bigger brand names. Sir guides the students to appear for online and offline mock exams and students can take sample question papers to analyze them and correct their mistakes. There is no time limit to sit at the institute and study. It depends on the student as to how long he/she wants to sit there and study. According to me it is one of the best places to join for exam preparations."
"The timings of the class are very flexible. Sir is always available to solve ones queries. No matter how many times one asks the same question sir never gets irritated. Extremely friendly environment. The materials and tests provided by Sir covers all the topics. If one misses any class sir is ready to help out and do that topic again with that particular student."
"To begin with, I am a computer engineer who worked with different companies like Infosys limited across different cities in India and for many subject/degree I have had to consult/admit in a number of institutes. Many a time I took private tuitions also. For MBA there are ‘n’ number of institutes with big brand names in Calcutta but I personally will not recommend any of them because based on my personal experience, before taking admissions these institutes were willing to do everything for me and promised a lot of things but after enrolling, I hardly got help from them as per their commitments made to me before joining. They are very professional and teach in huge batches and thus unable to pay attention to every single student. As far as Ravi Sir's Classes are concerned, I can tell that it's mind blowing. Ravi Sir is not only the best math teacher but the best teacher I have ever come across in my life. He can change your view about math and under Ravi sir you will love spending hours learning the subject. For almost every problem Sir will show you 2-3 ways to solve it. You can adopt the one you like and you understand the best because in CAT or other competitive exams speed is what matters. As far as the materials are concerned, I would say that almost each and every type of problem is covered in Ravi Sir's material, as Sir himself has prepared the material and if you can complete solving the materials that he provides, no one can stop you from getting into the top B-Schools. Sir takes care of each and every student personally and is always available for his students irrespective of the time of the day. The worst thing about studying at longer stretches is that it gets monotonous and boring but I can assure you that you will enjoy each and every second when Ravi Sir teaches you and enjoy learning in the same way he enjoys teaching. You can surely go for Ravi sir's Class and after joining you will understand how fruitful it is and I highly recommended it for students who want to clear these different competitive exams like CAT/XAT/GRE/GMAT/BBA/MCA or even Campus Recruitment Tests for different multinational companies."

Yash Sinha Montréal,Canada 2017

"I joined Ravi Sir's Classes with the aim of preparing for the CAT and GMAT. He came highly recommended by my friends who were extremely appreciative of his flexible teaching style and his ability to explain complex topics in easy to understand terms. And after my experience, I have to say I agree with them wholeheartedly and would highly recommend joining Ravi Sir for MBA/GRE/GMAT or any other Entrance exams. I was good with maths till class XII but had been out of touch for 8 years. Hence my skills were rusty and even basic concepts like percentages and averages became stumbling blocks. Additionally, while earlier I could perform complex calculations in my head easily, now it took me some effort to even add and multiply large numbers. I knew that I had the skill, but it needed serious polishing. I am extremely grateful to Ravi Sir for being extremely patient in the early days when my confidence took a serious beating because of how hard I was finding it to get going. He explained simple tricks that would make mental calculations much faster and easier and I truly wish I had known these tricks in school, they would have made my life so much easier. Once I had shaken off the rustiness, it then became a matter of how much practice I could put in. This was the area where Ravi Sir's Classes excel and what sets him apart from other institutes. He gives total freedom to the student to come to the class at their convenience and spend as much time there as required. Whichever time of the day I would come in, Ravi Sir would be available and surprisingly fresh and able to teach. In spite of there being multiple students present, he ensured that all of us got individual attention. His wealth of experience in teaching shows when he can anticipate your mistakes and correct your logic even before you have worked them out yourself. Having been involved in this field for so long, he can offer sound guidance and provides you with the most up to date and timely information. Mathematics for these exams is really a matter of practice and logic because there is very little that will be asked that you would not have studied previously. Ravi Sir will make sure that you have more than enough practice to be able to tackle any problems that may come in the exam. In my case I started with mid-60 percentiles in the mock CAT exams but within 2-3 months I was getting 85-90th percentile in Maths. English had always been my strong suit but Ravi Sir ensured that Maths did not become a weakness. I gave the GMAT in September, 4 months after I started attending the classes and scored a 740 (97th percentile). Because of my high GMAT score I didn't sit for any other exam but I'm sure that with further guidance from Ravi Sir I would've cracked most of them."

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